Round 1 Repertoire Changes

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We received many suggestions and requests from competitors in our first and second competitions regarding the repertoire for the first round of the competition. Many asked why we didn't give more choice with regard to the etude requirement, and pianists in the non-professional category stated that they would prefer to have the choice whether or not to perform an etude, rather than it being an obligation.

For the last two competitions, competitors in both categories were required to play an etude by either Chopin, Liszt, Rachmaninov or Scriabin, in addition to a fast movement of a Classical sonata and a prelude and fugue by Bach or a sonata by Scarlatti or Soler. Having discussed the above suggestions with Artistic Director Marianna Prjevalskaya and jury member Coady Green, we have agreed to make the following changes:

The choice of etudes for Pianists in Category 1 now includes those by Ligeti, Debussy, Prokofiev, Bartok and Stravinsky. Pianists in Category 2 are however no longer obliged to perform an etude, rather, they are simply asked to perform a piece of their own choice. 

We feel that it is very important to listen to and consider suggestions of past competitors as without this feedback we are less able to grow and develop as a competition. We hope this year's competitors will be happy with these changes. To view the new repertoire requirements for Round 1, click HERE.